Silver Speaker Series  

Focused on Resident Entertainment and Business Development

About Silver Speaker Series


Are you struggling to bring in events that are unique and show guaranteed sales results? We have a solution for you.

Silver Speaker Series puts on a production that will “knock their socks off”!

By focusing on regionally based subjects, our seminars bring in great potential leads while offering a very entertaining event for your current residents.

Keep it simple, let our team do the work for you! We manage the entire event, while you focus on sales. 

What we provide:


  • Invitation Production - Digital and Printed

  • Speaker qualification and management

  • Sponsorship management

  • Professional guidance on outreach

  • Set-up and A/V Assistance

  • Emcee Services

What you provide:

  • Space and seats for 50 people

  • 8 - 6' Tables (or similar)

  • Large screen TV or Projector

  • Professional guidance on outreach

  • Power Amplification and Mic

  • Printing for flyers

  • Residents who enjoy education

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